Chewbacca (2001 – 2015)

A few weeks ago i said goodbye to an old friend. Someone i have only fond memories of. Someone that has lived so much life and contributed to the lives of others until his very last days. The only Pontiac that will ever have a place in my heart, Chewbacca.


Chewy, as he was known to friends, got his name from an unfortunate and persistent power steering fluid leak. But Chewy continued to be reliable through that and other ailments. He had the experience and the kilometers to drive to the moon if he wanted to (True story. Over 400 000 kms) but chose to spend his life here on Earth, with us.

The time he contained my entire life, on the move to Winnipeg.

Chewy has held and transported a lot of people and things that were important to me over the years. Shared a lot of good times. Facilitated many a camping trip, housed me for summers spent at the lake and helped us to farmer’s markets everywhere. We’ve shared crazy nights and sleepy days and coffees and sunsets and friends.

Chewy ‘s last days were trying but he did not suffer. He literally went out with a bang, I would expect nothing less from such a fiery spirit. He was worth much more to me than the $250 and the hubcap we got from the wrecker. I know he will go on to make an excellent pop can or bicycle, whatever this Earth has in store for him next he will no doubt go above and beyond the expectations. Because that’s just who he was.

Adventures were the norm.
Adventures were the norm.

Here’s to the memory of Chewbacca, a loyal minivan, anyone who was lucky enough to know him would tell you that although he had the body of a Montana, he had the spirit of a wild horse.


Chewbacca (2001 – 2015)

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