Hello, my name is Stevie Quinney.
2015-09-08 22.17.11

Tiny-home owner, tiny homeowner, blogger, digital hobbyist,
coffee addict, scuba diver & human being.
 Manitoba, Canada.

“To live mindfully, peacefully, simply and independently is the goal.  The beauty of small spaces is their ability to be selective.  To hold only the people and possessions that make your life practical, unique and joyful.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Living well is often inaccurately associated with having more.  More things, more money, more space…  The tiny-home movement has proven the opposite.  Tiny living is a minimalistic, fulfilling and attainable lifestyle for the nesting millennial generation who values freedom, flexibility and experience over possessions.  Thus, it has become a trend all over the world including here, in Canada.”
Stevie 's container home