House Building: The most Expensive Full Body Workout Program Ever

I feel like I cheaped out on ya on yesterday for only posting a Build Update.  Truth is I was up until late sanding the living crap out of every surface in the house.  I hate sanding so much.
So so much.
A lot.
I can’t wait for the day that I am no longer covered in drywall dust. Anyone who has had the pleasure of putting up new walls knows what I mean.  It gets in everywhere and I mean everywhere.  Cleaning drywall dust out of my eyes, ears, nose has become just a normal part of my life.

This project has changed my life in many ways.  Some I anticipated, some I did not.  I knew it would require a huge financial commitment and take up a lot of my time, I didn’t have a problem giving up either of these things.  One thing I did not anticipate was having to do the most physical labour I’ve ever imagined.  Like I knew ya, there must be lifting and screwing things together and being on your hands and knees but I had never really put myself in those shoes.

It started out easy for me for the first while.  When we were framing out the containers all I really had to do was measure and cut things with a mitre saw.  I wasn’t really into it because I had no idea how to frame anything, I would just do what I was told.

Drywall season was the hardest hit.  After day 1 of drywalling ceilings I couldn’t lift my arms. We were also unknowingly doing it the hard way.  Where we would line it up, push one end of the sheet into the corner and one person would hold it up while the other moved a ladder into place and ran around looking for a drill.  Working harder, NOT smarter, if you will.  That week I lost 5 pounds.

After the drywall was up, naturally then comes mudding (not bad)… and therefor sanding (horrific).  The current bane of my existence. Nothing like a few 3 or 4 hour sanding sessions to sculpt your guns.


The worst part is that for some reason, I’m absolutely useless with the sanding thing that goes on the end of a broomstick (what is that thing called?). Just something about the pressure vs. motion thing that I can’t nail down.  I gave it an honest go for about a half hour before I wanted to launch that thing javelin-style into the corn field behind my house.  So Ive been using a hand sander the whole time, which requires moving a scaffolding bench around every 30 seconds so I can reach the ceiling. And my hands cramp up first thing in the morning like I have crippling arthritis.

Other than that things are GREAT. We plan to prime the walls next week!  I can’t wait to get into colors and furniture and the REAL exciting stuff!

House Building: The most Expensive Full Body Workout Program Ever