Fave Holiday Bevvies 2015

Merry Christmas readers!

It’s been a crazy and exciting passed week.  So many Christmas parties and gatherings and finishing up house things as well!  Spent last night moving furniture into the container, maybe I’ll move in for Christmas?! Eeeeek, exciting!

Because we’ve had so many Christmas parties this year, we’ve fallen victim to alot more boozing than usual…. But ‘Tis the season!  My boyfriend and I have decided we’re doing a “sober January” coming up.  So in honor of that i’ve compiled a list of my fave boozy Xmas bevvies,  that i’ve got just over a week to enjoy!



Cranberry Mimosas (recipe)
Super easy to make. Personal fave.  Down for mimosas anytime really…


Granville Island Winter Ale
Who said this had to be just a cocktail list? I’m loving these brews this year!  I believe they’re in liquor stores Canada wide.


321428Gluehwein (recipe)
Tummy-warming spiced wine.  This one is a favorite because it reminds me of last Christmas in Vancouver with my Austrian roommate.  As you can tell by the name it’s an Austrian/German traditional beverage.



Whistler Chestnut Ale
This was my ABSOLUTE fave seasonal beer when i was on the coast, I could drink 4 shamelessly… but it’s only sold regionally and I can’t get it here in Manitoba 🙁

No Christmas drink list would be complete without…


Eggnog (recipe)
This recipe is from Martha Stewart and is like rum and eggnog on steroids!  It takes a little more time than your classic R&E but is sooooo yummy. I had one (or two..) at a rather uppity Xmas party once, made them once myself, Always delicious!

S&S wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Fave Holiday Bevvies 2015