Re-entering the Nest

I thought this would be an appropriate opening post for S&S because this is how my tiny-home journey began.

The first container being dropped off.
The first container being dropped off.  July 2015

It started when I was living on the Canadian west coast.  I read a book by Dee Williams, called “The Big Tiny”, which follows the real life process of building a tiny garden shed sized house on a trailer.  Not long after finishing it I became more or less utterly obsessed with the concept of building my own tiny living quarters.  I’m talking book-buying, pinterest-boarding, floorplan-drawing, budget-drafting obsessed.  I loved the idea of building a home that would complement my life and not drain my bank account.  Small enough to be managable, highly functional and so damn cute.  I knew a tiny-home was for me.

My mother, who lives in Manitoba and who I talked to on the phone often, had noticed my new obsession and coincidentally had also been looking for a way to get me to move home since I had left, 2 years prior.  She saw the opportunity and capitalized by buying 2 40x8x9 seacans, generously providing me with land and challenging me to build a home.  A challenge I gladly accepted.  A bribe, some may say.

Along with all the bribery came the fact that I’d be moving back in with my parents for the duration of the build.  Which was less than ideal, but part of the package and more than anything, just my own psychological hurtle that I’d have to get over.

As a person who’s been single, independent, severely OCD and living on their own for a long time, the adjustment was rough and the living hasn’t always been easy… But the payoff has been extraordinary.  One of the best things being that I was able to put what would be rent money into the build.  Another, that I’m now living at the source of the best shepherd’s pie I’ve ever met.  Not to mention the hard work and time my family has also donated to the project (possibly because they want me out of their house faster).

Check out the latest build update here.

Re-entering the Nest